Don't You Think She Looks Like The Annabelle Doll?


Right right right,

don’t give me long.

in the right light,

I might, be convinced, that I’m wrong.

But don’t lie,

don’t fib, don’t tell me you don’t see it at all.

when i say that lady over there,

looks like the Annabelle doll.

"she’s got great skin."

because it’s porce-lain.

"her hair is thick and coarse"

because it comes from a horse.

And I'm sure that she’s great,

and I'm sure that she’s grand.

but if you let her babysit the baby would understand.

That there’s a demon in her head,

and she’s probs already dead,

that the world will be hers like THAT.

She’d just smile, and nod, and lol.

‘cus she's the fucking Annabelle Doll.

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